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Thank You for Your Service: Purple Heart Veteran Is Gifted With Free Home

A overwhelmed with joy, Kevin Palacios couldn't say a peep.

The Marine thought he was at a conference to speak to a group of Long Island realtors about the hardships veterans face when it comes to home ownership.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs estimates about 11% of America’s adult homeless population are veterans.

"I did two tours in Afghanistan, injured both time out there came back but when I got out of the military. They really didn't give us much time to teach us how to come back to this world," Palacios told WCBS.

For his valor, Palacios earned a Purple Heart. He was twice injured by separate IED explosions in Afghanistan. 

Now the single father is back in New York, living at home with his parents. 

During the "conference,"  the group of realtors pulled a fast one and presented him with his own home.

A "Welcome Home" sign hangs in front of his brand new fully furnished three-bedroom house.

The best part — Palacios won’t have to spend a dime.

The whole thing, including the mortgage, was paid for by local companies, volunteers, and The Fairway Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping and advocating for veterans in need. 

"I have no words to be honest. I'm shocked. I've always dreamt, I like dreamt for this and um, I don't even know how I'm standing."

The home — a $300,000 thank you gift for his service.

"I have a home. I have my safe zone and I get to see my son grow up," Palacios said. 

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