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NYC Gallery Owner Says Mob of Kids Beat Him For Wearing A MAGA Hat!

The owner of a New York City art shop located in the exclusive Billionaire's Row area claims he was viciously beaten Tuesday evening by a group on Canal Street for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. With a swollen face, bruises and black eye Jahangir “John” Turan -- owner of the David Parker Gallery which sells art work by Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró, among other celebrated artists -- says he was on his way to a meeting with a client after buying a MAGA hat when he came across a group of “kids," who he described as being 18 to 20 years old, while walking on Canal Street toward West Broadway. He says he was passing the group when a girl in the group “flipped” his hat onto the street. Allegedly, when he bent down to get it, the rest of the group “started pounding” on him, grabbed his head and hit it against a pole. Turan claims the group was shouting anti-Trump sentiments including “f--- Trump” while attacking him.

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